See How a Professional Photographer Can Help You Sell Your Listings!

This page was last updated on: July 14, 2014
*The garden hose that was across the yard has been removed.  

*The power lines across the front of the house have been removed.  

*I made sure the house was framed nicely by the tree branches. 

*The trash dumpster in the drive way has been removed.  

*The sky was gray and over cast.  I changed the sky to blue with a few clouds, made a few other changes and you have an excellent picture that will sell your listing faster!  

This is the difference between someone who "snaps" a picture and a professional digital photographer!
The following two pictures show the before and after. 
Does your owner want to change something on the house prior to listing?  You can see what the changes will look like!  How many times have you said, "I wish they could see what they want before it's done"?  Now you can let them know!  
The house as it is currently.
The same house with maroon stairs without having to actually paint!  Having this picture helped the owner decide the only thing that would be seen is the stairs and decided on a darker grey paint.
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Historic Webster House, Alameda, CA.  
More photos to come soon!
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The power lines that were in front of this house were removed.  The small bits of leaves, weeds, etc. were also removed.  The house's designer used a palm tree as a trade mark.  A wide angle was used to ensure the gardens, the palm and house were all in the picture.  Your name or logo can be added to the photos!