Real Estate Services

*  Digital photography.  I work with you on site      and we can find the best angle for each               room.  

*  Review all pictures before we leave a site.

*  Remove any unwanted items from any               picture.  I can even put a tree back into               bloom if you can provide an old photo.

*  Quick turn around time.  Usually I can return       pictures to you within 2 days!  I use email,         CD's and can print any photo up to 11"X14".

*  Would your seller or buyer like to have a CD      custom made for them with a slide show of        their home with background music?  These        slide shows are a great selling tool for                 serious buyers.

*  Does your seller want to change something 
    prior to listing?  With some alterations I can       do a "mock up" of how the change will look to    show the seller before the work is done.  See    the first and last pictures of Horus in the              Egypt/Jordan section to see my alteration          skill as well as the real estate section.

*  I can make custom business cards to be left      at a home for sale with the photo of the house    on the front, and pertinent details on the              back.  These can be left at the home for              perspective buyers to take.

*  Interested in having a custom website like         this one?  I can help you create one for up to     4 homes per web account with                    and it's only $99.00/year!

*  I can make change of address post cards for      the new buyer with the photo of their new          home plus their name and new address              pre-printed on the card.  Everyone wants            to show off their new home!


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This page was last updated on: June 13, 2014